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We made it!
Danny's Place is now officially
open for business!

The new place is keeping Carolyn and me pretty busy, but I'll try to post more pictures here when I get the chance.


12/22/04 - How about some pictures from the last Christmas party at the ol' DQ?

Our menu consisted of deep fried and smo-fried turkey, smoked ham, bbq'd leg quarters, green chili chicken enchiladas, macaroni salad, candied yams, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green been casserole, Chris's stuffed jalapenos, tamale pin wheels, salsa and chips, plus pies, cakes, and candies. Was quite a feast.


The two deep fried turkeys...one smoked to 150 degrees, then finished off in the deep fryer and the other one just deep fried.  We like the Smo-Fried the best.
The 17 lb. Bone-In, Dry Cured Wrights ham...the best in my book.
The Meat Feast...the deep fried turkeys, the ham and some bbq'd leg quarters.
Chris's deep fried stuffed jalapenos.  Man these were really, really hot.
The employees and family going through the food line.
Our restaurant employee family eating some fine fixin's!


10/17/04 - Here's some shots of our dining room and front counter.  The main dining room will stay basically the same.  We like it.  The front counter, however, will change.  We will gut out the front, put in nice rolled and tucked booths, waitress station, etc.

We are also adding one of the finest char-broilers around, manufactured by Bakers Pride.
This will be a one-of-a-kind Baker's Pride FLB with all the options!

Keep checking back...



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